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3D printed flying model airplane

A 3D printer is used to create a model airplane that can actually fly.




3D Printing

Computer numerically controlled (CNC) devices have exploded in popularity due to dramatic drops in the cost of their software and components. 3D printers use syringe-like nozzles to lay down very thin layers of material, usually melted plastic that quickly solidifies. They can be used to create physical objects one layer at a time.

The Bukobot is a new 3D printer that sells for $600 and can print within a 5×5 inch area. Other versions of the printer have a larger print area. It lays down thin filaments of plastic that are only 0.1 mm thick. Yes, it takes a while to create an object.

The video demonstrates the creation of a rudimentary model airplane glider using a Bukobot. The fact that it does not fly very well is not the point. The point is that it flies at all!

3D printing technology is in its infancy. It takes a long time to print an object and the material used is not very strong. But this is certainly a look at a potential model airplane future!

Link to Bukobot homepage.

Link to Bukobot Kickstarter project that funded it.

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