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A great friend of the electric model airplane community, Ken Myers, has just been inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame.




Keith Shaw (AMA HOF), Ken Myers (AMA HOF), Art Adamisin (AMA HOF) and Tim Jesky (AMA District VII V.P.)

For over 25 years Ken Myers has been the driving force behind the Ampeer monthly electric flight newsletter. For the same length of time he has also been the president of the Electric Flyers Only AMA club, for which the Ampeer is the club newsletter. For just as long Ken has also been a key driving force behind the Mid-America Electric Flies, a major annual electric meet.

Is it any surprise that he has been inducted into AMA’s Hall of Fame? Not to me. Ken has been a great friend since I founded For example, he did a very thorough technical critique of drafts of my two books.

Congratulations, Ken, on receiving a very well deserved award.

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