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Looking to buy U.S.-made RC products? Start with this list.




Introduction website member, Frank Geisler, has put together a list of American RC product companies. The spreadsheet that he sent me contains about 250 entries, which I find very impressive.

These are all companies that he believes manufacture at least one of their products here in the states. Some of these vendors also sell products that are made beyond our borders. If this is important to you, and it should be, please contact the individual vendor for more details about which specific products are made here.

I know that not all visitors to this website live in the United States. In fact, more than half are coming from other countries. This is all about cheering for the home team. My home team happens to be the United States. I was born in Puerto Rico, which is a territory of the United States.

If you live outside the United States, you have every right to want to encourage your fellow RC pilots to buy locally, too. If you send me a list of vendors that make products in the country where you live, I will be more than happy to post that list, too.

Looking over Frank’s list, I got a bit nostalgic. Many of these companies have been around for many years. They have just been chugging away, doing what they do best. At the same time, many on the list are new to me. I definitely plan to spend time visiting their websites. I hope you do the same.

I asked Frank to tell me a little about himself and his RC flying. This is what he said.

About Frank

“I am an avid RC pilot, USAF veteran, and AMA leader member who volunteers his free time to help promote the sport of model aviation. I have been building model airplanes since a child, but got interested in flying radio control airplanes in 2005. I enjoy building planes more than flying and am always looking for ways to help promote model aviation. I have flown everything from micro-helis to 50cc gas powered aerobatic airplanes.

One of my major accomplishments/achievements is the Wings Across America 2008 adventure and lately hosting a model airplane building clinic to provide guidance to newcomers on how to build model airplanes on the major RC forums.

My next clinic will be featuring building from plans. We plan to build the E-Quickie 200.”

Wings Across America 2008 (web)

Model Airplane Building Clinic on RCGroups Forum (web)

Model Airplane Building Clinic on WattFlyer Forum (web)

E-Quickie 200 (web)

Start of American-Made RC Product Manufacturers List

Balsa Kits/Planes
Aero Craft Limited
Aerodrome R/C
Air Flair
Alien Aircraft Corp.
Arizona Modelcrafters
Balsa USA
Blazing Wings
BlueJay Airplane Kits
BMJR Models
Bruce Tharpe Engineering
BSD Micro RC
Carden Aircraft
Dare Design and Engineering
Diamond Dust RC
DJ Aerotech
Easy Built Models
Electric Aero Modeling
Electroflying Models
Fly 2 Build
Fun Aero R/C
G&L Hobbies
G & P Sales
Got Gas RC
Guillow’s Models
Hobby Hangar
Hobby Lobby
House of Balsa
Iron Bay Model Company
Jtech Laser
K&A Models
Laser Design Services
Manzano Laser Works
Meister Scale
Midwest Products
Millennium RC
Mountain Models/Laser Arts
Ohio Model Products
Parkflyer Works
Pence Aviation
Precision Aviation Designs
Proctor Enterprises
Quality Fiberglass
Radical RC
Savage Light Industries
Scale Aero
SIG Manufacturing
SkyBench Aerotech
SR Batteries
Stevens AeroModel
T&J Models
Team Duster Designs
TMRC Sailplanes
Top Notch Products Co.
Vintage Sailplaner
Warbird kits
Wingspan Models
Yellow Aircraft International
Zeke’s Park Scale Models
Foam Kits/Planes/Wings
3D Foamy
6mmFly RC
Alpha Foamies
BMK Designs
BSD Micro RC
Charger RC
Dr Johns Laser Services
DW Foamie
Electronic Foam Models
Eureka Aircraft Co.
Garrison Aerodrome R/C Models
Insane Foamies
JK Aerotech
Fancy Foam
Keith Sparks
Kickass Aircraft
Leading Edge Gliders
Model Aero
Model Airplane Engineering
Mud Duck Inc.
Nico Hobbies
Peck Polymers
Polecat Aero
Rabid Models
RC Plane Builders
SuperFly RC
Trick R/C
Twisted Hobbies
Wing Manufacturing
Wing Warrior
YardBird RC
Combat Airplanes
Atlanta Hobby
Flying Balsa
Lite Machines
RDLohr’s Clearly Superior Products
Airplane Parts and Pieces
APC Propellers
Dave Brown Products
Ernst Mfg Inc.
Fiberglass Specialties
Gene Barton Machining
Innov8tive Designs
Keleo Creations
Maiden Model Products
Macs Products
Model Electronics Corp
Model Machining Service
Ohio Superstar Products
Plane Fun Floats,,,
Precision Fiberglass Products
RC Sky Diving
RC Super Gear
Sea Plane Supply
Shindin Machine
Sierra Giant Scale
small parts CNC
Solo Props
Spring Air Products
Stan’s Fiber Tech
Sullivan Products
TnT Landing Gear Products
White Rose Engineering
Williams Brothers Plastic Models
Windsor Propeller Company
Zinger Props
Pacific Glider Works
Pacific Sailplanes
Bob Violett Models
Century Jet Models Inc
Electric Jet Factory
Jet Hangar Hobbies
Rich Uravitch
TeeRific Jet Models
Tom Cooks Jet Model Products
Plans/Building Services/LASER Cutting
Alien Aircraft
AMA Plans Services
Bob Holman Plans
Dynamic Balsa
Kellogg Plans
Laser Lizard
Lazer Works
Mark Rittinger Scale RC Plans
Mud Duck Inc.
Nick Ziroli Plans
Pat’s Custom Models
PawDell CNC Shop
Precision Cut Kits
RC Aircraft Works
Small Flying Arts
Hostetler Plans
Wings on the Web
Design Consulting Services
Carlos Reyes
Thunder Power RC
Building Supplies
Bad Brad Graphics
Balsa Wood Inc
Beacons Adhesive
Custom Cut Graphix
Callie Graphics
CFC Graphics
The Composite Store
Get Stencils
Kirby Kustom Graphics
Lonestar Balsa
Mercury Adhesives
Northeastern Scale Lumber
Vinyl For RC
C-Tronics Inc.
Canuck Engineering
CamLight Systems
Castle Creations
Dave’s R/C Electronics
Dimension Engineering
Eagle Tree Systems
FMA Direct
Hansen Hobbies
Kool Flight Systems
Medusa Research
Tejera Microsystems Eng Inc
Winged Shadow
York Electronics
Davis Diesel Development
Desert Aircraft
First Place Engines
Fox Engines
Jett Engineering
K&B Manufacturing
KME Engines
Taurus Engines
MicroDan Brushless Motors
Neu Motors
Strong RC Motors
Knife Edge Software
Ace Sim RC
Ace Wing Carriers
Askman AP
Gamecraft Miniatures
Lipo Locker
Merlin Glow Plugs
Pilot Portraits
Progressive R/C
RCA Models
Wild R/C Inc.
Byrnes Model machines
Preac Tool Co.
Sherline Products
Taig Tools
Vanda-Lay Industries
Repair Centers
Radio South
Ground Vehicles
Axon Racing Systems
RC Product Designs
Model Rockets
Aero-Tech Rocketry
LOC Precision Rocketry
Madcow Rocketry
Public Missiles Ltd.
Sunward Rocketry
Warehouse Hobbies

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