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Sometimes you can get something for nothing.




We seem to be inundated with quasi-informational websites that only contain thinly-veiled advertisements. They try to look like they contain quality RC information and unbiased reviews, but I know better. You only need to gently scratch their surfaces with your fingernail to discover just how little truly useful information they contain.

The criteria for inclusion on this list were simple: the website has to be free and it has to receive regular updates. There’s just too many stale websites with potentially out of date information. It also has to be filled with technically accurate, unbiased, useful, and in-depth information.

There are too many “soft ball” review websites out there. They don’t have much as far as technical information, anyway. Forums are a crap shoot. Websites and webcasts that focus on RC news leave me wanting. Not enough depth. Free websites that belong to vendor and magazines that I’m familiar with are biased and thin on real information.

Yes, the list below is very short. Have I left out your favorite website? Tell me about it and I’ll consider adding it.

I’m saving YouTube channels, plans websites, and paid websites for another time. You’ve got recommendations for those, too? Let me know.

To visit the websites, just click on the website name.

Ampeer Electric Flight Newsletter

In publication for 25 years, Ken Myers is the driving force behind this great electric model airplane pilot resource. Technically it is the monthly newsletter of the Electric Flyers Only, an AMA chartered club.

The contents of the newsletter vary. As expected from a club newsletter, local club news and local event reports are regular features. But for me the highlights are the in-depth technical reports, usually conducted by Ken himself.

RC Soaring Digest

The RC Soaring Digest (RCSD) started out 29 years ago as a printed small format monthly magazine. I remember being a subscriber myself about twenty years ago. Then, as a result of increasing printing costs and limited number of subscribers, the RCSD became a free online PDF publication.

Today the RCSD is stronger than ever. Every issue sports in-depth articles and gorgeous photographs of gliders in flight. It is worth checking out just for that! Sailplane design and flying topics are perennial favorites. Nobody gets paid for contributing to this e-zine, which is a real testament to the labor of love that the RCSD has become.

The publishers, Bill and Bunny Kuhlman, are huge fans of flying wings. For many years their regular monthly column, On the Wing, ran in the magazine and it was a favorite of mine. It contains some of the best information on flying wings available anywhere. All of the back issues are available online.

RC Model Reviews

Australian Bruce Simpson pulls no punches on his website, RC Model Reviews. Online since at least 2008, I enjoy his in-depth technical and brutally honest RC product reviews. Bruce clearly loves tinkering with electronics, and he is not shy about cracking open a transmitter and soldering away.

The Crash Cast

I asked Mike “Crash” Hancock a couple of years back if I could be a part of his podcast for a simple reason. He was doing a great job.

For three and a half years Mike has been serving up weekly installments of his audio podcast. Mike always provides insightful commentary on the latest RC news and products. Every show ends with an educational segment that is very clear and thoughtfully presented. Mike also takes on larger projects such as builds that he publishes using videos.

All Things That Fly

For five strong years All Things That Fly (ATTF) has been bringing us interviews with RC aircraft personalities that are making the news. That is their core strength, but other segments round out the show. Started by Jamie Burke, ATTF is a weekly audio-only podcast. Jamie is no longer a host on the show, but it is still going strong.

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