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Chatting with other pilots between flights is part of the fun of RC. I’ve been flying for a long time and I’ve eavesdropped on many conversations. However, here are some comments that I’ve never heard anyone say…




  • “I just finished building this airplane and it came out too light.”
  • “I need to install a smaller motor. This one has too much power.”
  • “The battery on this electric airplane lasts so long I get tired of flying around.”
  • “I never do anything stupid when I fly.”
  • “I match the quality of the equipment I buy to my skill level, which is why I only buy the cheap stuff.”
  • “I could fly in this wind, but I’m a safe pilot and won’t.”
  • “I love maiden flights. They are so much fun!”
  • “I love my gas engine. It’s so quiet and clean.”
  • “My piloting skills are below average.”
  • “Since I was not piloting the model, I cannot possibly know what was wrong with it.”
  • “I’ve been flying the same type of model for 20 years. That makes me an expert on everything RC.”
  • “I took off with too much gas in the tank.”
  • “I took off with the battery charged more than I needed.”
  • “The runway was too big.”
  • “I had too many rubber bands holding down the wing.”
  • “I came down for the landing too slow.”
  • “The wind was rock steady and was coming straight down the runway.”
  • “I won’t give you my opinion because I don’t know anything about what you are asking.”
  • “My model flies better when the wind is gusty.”

“Let’s just try it and see what happens.”

No, wait. I’ve heard that last one plenty of times!

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