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To celebrate the relaunch, I’m making my advanced model airplane design calculator completely free to use by all registered members of this website. What are the implications?




Was 80% Free

About 80% of the calculator was always free to use. In fact, I always had a simple philosophy. I wanted to have the best free calculator available and the best paid calculator available. I believe I achieved that goal a long time ago. 10,000 model airplane pilots signed up to use the free calculator, so I know it wasn’t a bad deal.

All Premium Features Now Free

Despite its very friendly appearance and easy learning curve, the calculator has enormous power in the right hands. I should know, since I’m a regular user of the calculator myself! But to really unleash the power of the calculator, you needed to have a premium calculator subscription. No more.

The power system optimizers, component filters, and advanced charts were designed to work together from the start. The online interactive tutorials do a great job of explaining how they work together. These advanced features, available only to paid subscribers in the past, are now freely available to all website registered users. As always, registering on the website is free and very easy.

Calculator Update

To coincide with the website relaunch, I’ve updated the calculator and component database. The calculator now requires Adobe Flash version 11.1 to run. I had to make many internal changes to the source code so that it would work with this new version of Flash. I wanted to maintain the same look for the calculator, and it’ll take a very keen eye to notice any differences from the old version.

Component Database Update

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit it, but I had not updated the component database for almost two years. This database is created from the components (motors, batteries, etc.) that the calculator users enter as they work with the calculator. It’s the database of components that is preloaded when you run the calculator as a registered user.

I’ve always filtered out “bad” components. These are components that, for one reason or another, are of little value to anyone but the person that originally entered the data. For this database update, I’ve significantly strengthened this filter. Many more “bad” components got filtered out before the database was put together. Despite the new filter, there are still over 7,000 preloaded components.

Calculator Subscribers

There are quite a few current paid calculator subscribers. What to do about them? I’ve given this a lot of thought since I wanted to be fair and I wanted to come up with a simple plan. Here it is:

  • First are those that got a free premium calculator subscription from buying one of my books. The calculator subscription was a bonus, and now you get to use the premium features indefinitely. Thank you for the book order, and enjoy the 100% free calculator.
  • If you paid for a calculator subscription before July 1, 2011, I feel that you’ve already gotten good value out of your money. Many website members told me that I wasn’t charging enough for the calculator. As before, thank you for paying for the calculator subscription, and enjoy the completely free calculator.
  • The trickier case are those that paid for a calculator subscription on or after July 1, 2011. In the next few days I will be sending you a coupon code for the RCadvisor Store good for 50% of what you paid. If you paid regular price on the premium subscription, the coupon code will be good for $10 off one of my books. If you got a discounted subscription and only paid $9.95, then the coupon will be good for $5. All coupon codes will expire on December 31, 2012.

Keep in mind that I have plans to write two new books in the coming months, so even if you already bought the two books I wrote a couple of years ago, these coupon codes will be coming in handy very soon.

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