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RCadvisor’s model airplane design calculator can sometimes run into problem when running on your PC. Here are some troubleshooting tips.




Login Into Website

The calculator needs to know your username so it can save and load your calculator components (airplanes, motors, etc.). It gets your username from the website when it first starts running. Before running the calculator, you need to be registered on my website and you need to be logged in.

How do you know you are logged into the website? Look at the box right below the tutorials on the left side of the screen. If the title of the box is “Login”, then you are not logged in. If the title is “Welcome xxx”, then you are logged in and your username is xxx.

Note also that you need to enter your username, not your email address, to login.

If the title of the login box doesn’t say welcome, then you need to fix that before running the calculator.

Adobe Flash

My calculator consists of about 50,000 lines of ActionScript code. ActionScript is the version of Javascript used by Adobe Flash. Actually, I wrote the calculator using Adobe Flex, which is a programming environment that runs inside Flash. The current version of the calculator was compiled against Flash player version 11.1, which is also the latest version at the moment.

The good news is that my calculator runs anywhere that Flash runs. It is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux. It is also fully compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Flash player. It works fine in every Internet web browser I have tested it in.

I’m completely dependent on a properly installed, running, and up to date Adobe Flash player on your PC. There is simply no way around this requirement. Flash blocking add-ons in your web browser will prevent my calculator from running.

The calculator tutorials and polls on my website also require Adobe Flash to run. But all they need is Flash version 9, which is a lot more commonplace. If you have Flash already installed on your computer, you probably have at least this version.

Note that Flash applications run from your PC, not my server. All my server does is send you the file to run. The applications run in a secure environment that deny them access to the rest of your PC. My calculator has no access whatsoever to the files on your hard disk, for example. But this also means that when the calculator optimizer runs, it is running on your PC. If your computer is on the slow end of the spectrum, it will take a little bit longer to optimize your power system.

Display Problems

These types of problems are less common today than they used to be, but sometimes the screen display of my calculator gets garbled. This is likely because of an out of date video card driver.

Doesn’t Run Right

By one estimate, about 50% of all websites have some sort of Flash application running on their webpages. What this means is that, if you have been web surfing for a little while before visiting my website, it is possible for the Flash runtime environment to have been corrupted somehow before you ran my calculator.

My calculator is one of the most complex Adobe Flash applications ever written. Adobe employees have used it as a showcase of what can be done in the Flash platform. The downside is that it is vulnerable to poorly written Flash applications that may have been running inside your web browser.

If you run my calculator and it somehow acts funny, this is probably what is going on. Usually exiting the calculator and rerunning it fixes these types of issues. In a worst case scenario, you may have to exit your web browser and run it again.

Useful Troubleshooting Links

Here are some very useful links for checking your Flash player installation, installing a new version, and troubleshooting it.

Adobe Flash Player Status Check

Install or Upgrade Flash Player

Flash Player Settings Manager

Adobe Flash Player in 3 Steps

Mozilla Firefox Flash Player Guide

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