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Giant DC-10 club build project

A great example of what motivated RCers can do.





About twenty members of an RC club decide to build a giant DC-10 jet in one day! The video starts out by saying how they were drunk when they decided to do this. I do not believe it. These guys are excellent engineers. This is not the work of a bunch of drunks.

1:10 Scale DC-10-30

This is a giant model, in every sense of the word. Flying weight is 50 pounds (23 kg). Wing span is 17 feet (5.1 m). Heck, it is six feet tall (1.8 m)!

Powering the giant DC-10 is a model jet engine, appropriately enough. Made by SimJet, a Danish company, it is the SimJet-3000 engine with 30 pounds (13 kg) of thrust. At $3,000, I’ll bet it is the most expensive part of the airplane by far. Yes, it sounds amazing in the air.

Video Highlights

Do not let the length of the video (22 minutes) keep you from watching it. I watched the whole thing from beginning to end and enjoyed every minute of it.

Three scenes in the video are very memorable. The first is one of the builders sitting on top of the fuselage drinking a Red Bull energy drink. I am sure here in the U.S.A. he would have been holding a Bud.

The second scene is the test firing of the jet engine. The right word is “firing”: a giant fireball comes out the back of the airplane.

Finally, I loved it when the airplane landed and everyone clapped loudly. I almost clapped myself.

Inspired Ideas

I just loved the way everyone came together and made this happen. The build appears to occur during a meet in just one day. What other similar builds could your club members engage in? How about building a new club trainer? How about building a model to be raffled off?

I am sure you can come up with better ideas than me. When you do, let me know via the comments below.

Borup Modelflyvere Club (web, in danish)

SimJet Engine Manufacturer (web)

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