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How many RC clubs do you know that have their own TV show?




Cheap Ideas

In my local club, we have no shortage of ideas for ways to make the club better and attract more members. In fact, we are “blessed” with several members that are always working extra hard to come up with fantastic ideas for making the club better.

Problem is, ideas are cheap. When it comes time to implement these fantastic ideas, these same club members are equally creative in coming up with reasons why they cannot help out.

A Champion

It is truly amazing what the right volunteer on the right job can do. Their willingness to roll up their sleeves and get the job done becomes infectious. All of a sudden, other volunteers materialize out of thin air.

Hendersonville R/C Club

That is exactly what appears to have happened about three years ago at the Hendersonville RC club (HRCC) in Tennessee.

About a week ago I got an email from Don Lewis, asking for permission to reprint one of my articles in his local club’s newsletter. I was delighted, and asked for more details on the club.

That is when I learned that the club members had put together their own TV show for the local cable TV public access channel.

TV Show

I was blown away when I saw this. Professionally produced, these half hour episodes are a joy to watch.

Don told me that one of their club members at the time had his own video shooting business. That made the equipment and video shooting skills available. Then club members stepped up to produce the segments and appear in front of the camera.


Like so many other volunteer projects, after a while priorities shifted and the club stopped producing the shows. Sad, but that is life.

Since the club flies from a city park, maintaining a good working relationship with the local government and other city residents is very important to them. They feel that the TV shows did a fantastic job of improving the visibility of the club. They came off as a group of mature, hard-working individuals that only want what is best for the city as a whole.

Yes, they did manage to recruit a handful of new club members as a direct result of the shows. They feel that the shows would have worked better as a recruitment tool if they had included more segments of direct interest to potential club members. Don mentioned that it would have been great to have a segment where an ARF is put together and flown.

Current Activities

When I asked him what the club is up to now, Don was quick to mention the Middle Tennessee R/C Clubs Association, an umbrella organization in central Tennessee consisting of eight member clubs. They coordinate the activities of the clubs, permitting much larger events to be organized.

HRCC also currently has an active training program with a nice twist. Every Thursday, from 5:30 until dark, you can count on at least one instructor and trainer airplane being available at the field. This puts the airfield to use on a normally slow day. The regular schedule makes it easy for a beginner to get some instruction.

The next time a fellow club member shoots down an idea because “you can never get the volunteers”, mention the HRCC TV show. I can think of no better example of what a few motivated volunteers coming together can accomplish.

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