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A few months ago I challenged the major kit manufacturers to credit their aircraft designers. One listened.


Three moths ago I ranted about how model airplane kit manufacturers are very reluctant to publicly give credit to their model airplane designers. The only common exception is when the designer is already well known in the industry. These are the so-called “superstar” designers that were brought on-board primarily because of their name recognition within the industry.

I encouraged the community to get in contact with their favorite kit makers and ask for the names of their designers. I got a bunch of emails from folks telling me how much they liked the article, but frankly, I thought that was going to be the end of it.

Horizon Hobby Attitude Magazine

Horizon Hobby has a new online magazine called Horizon Hobby Attitude. It has a very strong focus on visuals such as photos. In other words, it looks great. It is free, so it is worth a few minutes of your time to check it out.

Do not go and cancel your Model Airplane News subscription just yet. This magazine has only about twenty pages in each issue and it only comes out every three months. Heck, I manage to publish 100 articles in that same time period.

It can be read online by using an Adobe Flash application or downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file. I found both versions very awkward to read. The magazine layout uses a very wide page format that makes the text tiny. I had to zoom in to read the text, which made reading the magazine a pain.

But those problems are relatively minor. As expected, the only real focus is on promoting Horizon Hobby and their products. The text is laughably bad, with no real depth or insights into anything that is covered. Maybe if you are a ten year old boy you would find reading this magazine interesting, but I did not.

Blade Helicopters Design Team

Having said all of that, I did manage to find an interesting article in this magazine. The second issue, Fall 2012, devotes a page to their Blade helicopter design team. Yes! This is exactly what I wanted to see kit manufacturers do.

Let us face it. These guys are just hard working stiffs. They are obviously very talented. But they are not easily recognized superstars by any means.

I own a Blade CP Pro heli myself, and I got a kick out of seeing the guys behind it. It is a safe bet that they got an even bigger kick out of seeing their pictures in the magazine.

Being a Leader

I learned years ago that you do not need a fancy title to have strong lines of influence at a company. Sure, there is no shortage of employees that only see titles and fancy offices. But the ones on the fast track to success know better.

I am just one guy sitting at home working my butt off. I do not have a fancy title or a fancy office. I have no evidence that Horizon Hobby or any other company cares one bit about what I have to say. But if enough of us band together, amazing things can and will happen.

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