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Illustrated Experiments in Fluid Mechanics - Ascher Shapiro - MIT

This video series and free online accompanying articles are very well done.





Understanding the science of fluid dynamics is essential to understanding how liquids and gases behave. Air is a gas, and the lift and drag of our model airplanes can be explained by the laws of fluid motion.

This series of videos was produced by the National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films (NCFMF) in 1972. The NCFMF was founded by Ascher Shapiro in 1961. He was a Mechanical Engineering professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for many years. In fact, he appears in many of the videos.

The information contained in them was state of the art at the time. In truth, very little (if any) of the contents in the videos has been invalidated by the tremendous amount of research conducted since then. We certainly understand the phenomena discussed better today, but that does not detract from the value of the videos.

Sadly, video number twelve in the series appears to be missing. This is a 25 minute video entitled Boundary Layer Control. That topic is extremely relevant to airplane wing design. Fortunately, a PDF file with the contents of the video is online.

In fact, PDF files for the entire video series are online (link below). These are well-written articles mirroring the contents of the videos. They are well illustrated, too. These articles add tremendously to the educational value of the videos.

Do not let the old fashioned look of the videos turn you off. The contents is really top notch. It is very hard finding modern videos that do more than a superficial overview of a topic. These are the real deal, produced by an expert in his field. I hope you like them.

Illustrated Experiments in Fluid Mechanics (web)

12. Boundary Layer Control – Video Missing

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