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Flying Circus indoor 3D airplane show

A very well done light show using indoor 3D RC airplanes.




Here is a translation of the text from their website:

Flying Circus flies radio-controlled aircraft in all kinds of presentations, depending on what the customer wants. We fly for example in films, theatre performances, the required size or stage, just in those events as you want. Your imagination is the limit.

Flying Circus is composed of four members. We are experienced pilots, and our group, for example, has received a number of Finnish championships in various aerobatic competitions.

We are passionate about the music we fly to. Planes that take the corresponding know-flight movements as the real aircraft, but we’ll take the extreme movements, and we write new laws of aerodynamics. Managed by us our airplanes defy gravity. We use a combination of small aircraft, suitable for indoor better than the large and spectacular outdoor machinery. If necessary we can arrange for the light and sound show with its own equipment.


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