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Perhaps the biggest news connected to the website relaunch are the changes that are coming to the website contents.




Flight to Quality (pun intended)

There’s no shortage of free model airplane and UAV contents on the Internet. There’s probably thousands of postings in the RC discussion groups every day. There’s also thousands of RC videos on YouTube. Too bad it’s almost all crap!

Seriously–the typical video on YouTube is so hideously bad that it’s not even funny. The term “post moderation” on a large RC forum is just a bad joke. There’s a reason I don’t spend much time in either of these types of places–my time is far too valuable to me.

TheCrashCast Podcasts

Two years ago I started hosting a segment called “Ask the RCadvisor” in Mike Hancock’s TheCrashCast weekly podcasts. Like everything else I do, it was one of those ideas that at the time sounded good, and anyway, what did we have to lose?

My segment hit a nerve. It’s become a very popular part of the podcasts. I’ve gotten many emails from listeners telling me how they look forward every week to what I have to say. Thank you!

Frequent High Quality Posts

The plan for this new website is simple: make frequent high quality posts. Expand on the concept of the podcast segments to include a wider variety of RC-related topics.

Join the Discussion

Encouraging visitor participation is a big part of the new website. Have a question? Use the contact form–it’s on every web page. Have something to add to a blog post I made? Enter a new comment. In fact, the whole website is designed to be attractive and easy to navigate. The comments are carefully moderated–no personal attacks and undue negativity are tolerated.

Sampling of Future Post Topics

  • book reviews–I’ve got a bookcase full of airplane books.
  • construction tips–I’m always trying out new ideas.
  • technical term definitions–Never boring, these will be educational and entertaining.
  • website reviews–There’s always new interesting websites popping up.
  • quizzes–Do you really think you know your stuff? Prove it!
  • interviews–I know a lot of very interesting RC personalities.
  • rants and raves–Yes, I also plan to express my opinion on what I like and dislike in the RC hobby.
  • new product news–Hear my inside take on interesting new products.
  • polls–Let’s find out what the website visitors really think.
  • product reviews–hands-on honest looks at RC products you might want to buy.

Your Feedback

So what do you think of all these changes? What would you like to see added to the list of topics? Let me know!

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