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The September 2012 issue of Model Aviation magazine quotes from an email I sent to the Safety Comes First columnist, David Gee.




Great Magazine and Column

I read most of Model Aviation magazine every time it comes out. As I have said before, it is my favorite model airplane magazine. I love to learn, and I learn something new from every page that I read of this excellent magazine.

The June 2012 Safety Comes First column touched a nerve. I sent an email to the columnist, David Gee. He was kind enough to quote from my email in the current September issue. Here is the contents of my email in full.

Email In Full

Hi. I have been a fan of your column for a long time. Great work.

On Saturday we had our annual RC flying field clean up day. I personally picked up over 50 cigarette butts from the edge of the pit area. I could not believe how many there were. I have never noticed anybody smoking out there, but it is obviously going on. Thank you for the shocking picture of the man holding the cigarette next to the gas cans. It is hard to argue with a picture!

I do not recall if you have covered this subject in the past, but a personal “bugaboo” of mine is stall-spin accidents. I have only seen one of those where the pilot actually took responsibility and blamed himself for the crash: mine! Everybody is quick to blame radio glitch, loose connector, voodoo doll, or whatever pops into their head.

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