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I relaunched the website on January 9, 2012. I scrapped every single web page that I had in place and simply started over. I made my electric model airplane power system calculator 100% free and started posting daily articles and videos.

In the 285 days since then, I have managed to make 318 article and 134 video posts. In turn, 300,000 web page and video views were made by 50,000 unique visitors. Whew! Folks, do not try and walk through the front door all at once!

My early fear of running out of ideas for article topics was misplaced. Even after hundreds of article posts, my work queue today has over 100 ideas ready to be fleshed out into full-blown articles. Instead of shrinking, the backlog has been growing steadily since the website relaunch.

Amazing Community

The mantra of RC writing and of most technical writing is to focus on beginners. For certain, there is no shortage of those that visit this website. But the big surprise for me was just how many truly knowledgeable RCers there are out there. I quickly learned to dot my Is and cross my Ts, because if I did not somebody was sure to catch it!

Almost all of the topics I have been writing about during the last few months have come from ideas from the RCadvisor community. That is really great. Not only does it make my job easier, but it gives me great feedback as to what folks really want to read and watch.

If you sent me an idea for an article and I said I was going to do it but have not, I apologize. I try hard to mix up the topics and to be timely. If I have an idea for an article based on some recent news, it automatically gets moved to the front of the queue.

Daily Routine

Working on is not a full-time job. I know that many think that it is. I suppose it helps that I am a good technical writer. If you ever want to be a good writer, do what I did and knock out two books back to back. It will do wonders to your ability to put down legible words on a page quickly.

I almost always write my articles the same day I post them. On most days I have posted my article and completed my daily routine by 11AM. This routine includes catching up to the news of the day, which invariably leads to more article ideas. It also includes reading and responding to the many wonderful emails I receive. Keep them coming!

Consulting Work

It is good that running RCadvisor is not a full-time job, because the income from my book sales and website ads are far from what a regular full-time job would pay me. For the last few years I have relied on consulting work in the UAV and RC industries to augment my income.

I have gotten to work on a lot of fun projects through the consulting. Yes, the work has also been another source of article ideas.

The main problem has been that consulting work loads are very unpredictable. I have had clients that need me to work on their projects for a week full-time, then they do not need my help for a couple of months. In the meantime, I am scrambling to find other consulting work.

How I have managed to crank out an article a day under these varying work loads is a big surprise. I look back, and I still wonder how I managed to do it.

About a month ago I decided I wanted to change the situation. I asked friends and family for ideas. The best bet seemed to be a part-time position with an established company in the RC industry.

RC Sport Flyer

I am proud to announce that I have accepted a position as a part-time editor at RC Sport Flyer magazine. The editor in chief, Wil Byers, founded the magazine about 20 years ago. This is an incredible learning opportunity for me, and I am very much looking forward to it.

The magazine used to be called Quiet Flyer. It had a focus on gliders and electric flight, which have always been passions of mine. In recent years the magazine has expanded its focus to cover helicopters, giant scale, and other aspects of our hobby.

Part of the work involves travel, which I am also very much looking forward to. The plan is for me to attend the AMA Expo and the Toledo R/C Show next year. In fact, next weekend I will be attending the Race of Champions at the Rabbit Dry Lake Bed in California. This is an Unlimited Scale Racing Association (USRA) event. If you see me, say hi!

Changes to

I do have some bad news. In order to jump start the new job, I will be in Washington state at the magazine’s offices for the entire month of November. During that time I will be working full-time for the magazine. Problem is, I already know I simply will not be able to keep up with my daily posting schedule during that time.

I will do my best, but you may only see one or two articles a week for the next month or so. No point in sending out the weekly newsletter during that time, either. Sorry!

Since January I have received literally hundreds of emails telling me how much you appreciate the work I do on the articles. Much more surprising, I have gotten about a dozen emails telling me that what you most look forward to on the weekend used to be the flying but is now my newsletter. What better compliment than that?

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