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I flew the third Pickerel RC model airplane prototype. It looks like a winner!




Flight Report

I test flew the model in the middle of the afternoon in windy and very gusty conditions. But I could not wait!

Besides trim issues, I had to deal with a motor mount that I had built just plain wrong. It takes experience to see past these issues and evaluate the real flying qualities of the core design.

After flying the model, I had a list of about half a dozen tweaks I wanted to make to it. Otherwise I was very happy with it.

As envisioned from day one, the model is feisty. Hence the name Pickerel (a small pike fish). It has plenty of power and is very maneuverable.

It does not have tons of extra stability, but it was never intended to be a trainer. It was intended to be a fun fly anywhere model. The wing loading is low enough to slow down nicely.


Since this video was shot, I built what I consider the final version of Pickerel. I shot video at every step of the building process. It is a very easy one day build. In fact, this is the easiest to build airplane I have ever designed. Building materials cost between $5 and $10, depending on where you shop.

The bad (windy) weather continues around here. First, I need to test fly it to see if the design needs any more tweaks. Then I need to recruit a friend so I can shoot a video of it flying. Stay tuned!

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