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This week I conclude my Ask the RCadvisor series about pitch stability. The Crash Cast is a free weekly podcast produced by my friend Mike “Crash” Hancock.




Listen to Part One First

This segment builds on technical terms I defined in my first part on pitch stability, so you want to listen to that episode first. For example, I defined there the terms center of gravity and neutral point. The distance between these two locations determines the amount of pitch stability in an airplane. In part one I also explained what it means to put the center of gravity (CG) at 25% of the mean aerodynamic chord (MAC) of the airplane and why it’s a good safe place to put it.

Tips for Model Airplane Designers

If you are designing a new model airplane, how can you increase the pitch stability? In this segment I discuss the various ways that a model airplane designer can alter a design to make it more stable in pitch. It goes without saying that he can do the opposite actions to make a model less stable.

Trade-offs with CG Location

You may have heard before about the consequences of being nose and tail heavy. Building on my explanation of how pitch stability works, I provide you with new insights into why it works the way that it does. You will learn what are good places to put the CG on a trainer, aerobatic airplane, and glider while understanding why that is the case.

CG Tests

Towards the end of the segment I touch briefly on the various flying tests that folks use to see if the CG is in the right spot. This is a big subject by itself, but I cover the popular crash test for finding the right CG location. No, that is not a typo! I also mention why you might or might not want to use the inverted flight test.

End of Season 3

This segment marks the end of season 3 of Ask the RCadvisor. About 75 segments have been aired as part of The Crash Cast. Season 4 is already in production. Having covered pitch stability, season 4 will begin with a discussion about wing dihedral. See you then!

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