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Synergy aircraft

What would you like to know about the fascinating Synergy airplane?





Three weeks ago I profiled the Synergy airplane design in my on-going “Model This” series of articles. It is a unique looking airplane that incorporates many radical new ideas. The interest in the full-size aviation community has been strong, for good reason.

I wanted to describe some of the technical details of the airplane in my article, but the lack of available information prevented me from doing so. You see, Synergy has not been built and flight tested yet. Even worse, the need for secrecy has kept the amount of technical public information to a minimum.

All of these factors have conspired to create a mystery surrounding this airplane. Some folks believe that it will revolutionize aviation, others say there cannot possibly be anything of value there. All I can guarantee is that the truth is somewhere in between!

Because of this, I was forced to keep the amount of technical details in my article to a minimum. I also felt it necessary to talk about the controversy surrounding the airplane.

You see, my goal for this website is to be the best source of quality information to model airplane enthusiasts. The best way that I know of doing that is by always being very honest and open in everything I talk about.

John McGinnis

Mr. McGinnis is the inventor of the Synergy airplane and the force behind the company. After my article was published, it came to his attention. He contacted me shortly afterwards.

To me, this feels a bit like the tail wagging the dog. I am definitely not used to the full-scale aviation world paying much attention to what we do with our models.

Anyway, he insisted that I interview him so that I may better understand the technology behind Synergy. Because of the need for corporate confidentiality, at first I did not see much point in us talking.

Thinking better of it, I decided to take Mr. McGinnis up on his offer. We may all be pleasantly surprised at the amount of technical details he can share when asked direct technical questions.

Bottom line, this is a unique opportunity that we have here. We get to pick the brain of a full-size aircraft designer!

Your Questions

Are you working on a model, and something is not clear? What would you like to ask John McGinnis about his airplane? What is it about the design that you do not understand? What would you like to know about the company?

I already have many questions myself, and I’m sure you have great questions, too.

Send me all your questions. You can use either the comments below or the contact form. In about a week I will compile them and send them off. I cannot guarantee that he will answer any of them, but I can promise that at least I will send them.

Original “Model This” Synergy article

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