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Beginner To Expert video series - My Geek Show

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My Geek Show

There is no shortage of YouTube channels that are strong on entertainment and very light on education. I do not watch them, simply because I just do not have that kind of free time. On the other hand, I love to learn. If a video promises to teach me something interesting, I will gladly give it some of my scarce free time.

I ran into the My Geek Show YouTube channel a while back and it left me lukewarm. By their own admission, the show founders were hoping for a Myth Busters type of experience. To call it that would be a big stretch of the imagination. I think a better name for the channel might have been “Wild and Crazy Adventures in RC”.

Despite my disappointment, I saw some good qualities to the videos. The main host, Trent, is at his best when explaining concepts to a non-technical audience. He has a very easygoing and lighthearted style. I had no trouble following what it was that he was trying to tell me.


Then I saw that Trent had started a Kickstarter project. This is a website for funding small creative projects. He asked for $500 so he could buy a new HD video camera. In gratitude, he promised to shoot a video series to introduce beginners to RC flying.

The amount of money that he asked for was very modest, and he clearly had experience shooting short videos. Trent got the money he wanted.

Beginner to Expert Video Series

That is how the Beginner to Expert video series got started. That was back in February, and since then Trent and his associates have managed to shoot 22 videos in this series.

I like them. The focus is on education. Each video only tries to address a very specific subject. I watched a few of the videos and all of the technical information sounded right. Mind you, these are introductory videos, but you would be surprised at how often others cannot get their facts straight even at this level of expertise. Eventually the series is supposed to cover some more advanced subjects.

The sample video below is typical of what you can expect. Straightforward, honest advice aimed at someone that has never flown RC before. If what he says sounds obvious to you, then you are not his target audience.

Work In Progress

The biggest downside to the video series is that it is a work in progress. At the time of this writing, only 22 videos have been released. It might take another year before the entire video series is ready. That is also the reason why I can only give the series 4 out of 5 stars.

But do not let that keep you from recommending the series to a kid or adult that might be interested in learning how to fly an RC airplane. There is already some really good introductory information there, and it might even be enough to get them started.

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4 / 5 stars      

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