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JR X9303 2.4GHz radio transmitter

How to best orient the antenna on your RC transmitter?





It seems like everybody at the flying field points their transmitter antennas in a different direction. I’m talking about the spread spectrum or 2.4 GHz radio systems. These antennas have a blind spot at the end of their tips. They also have the strongest signal at about a 45 degree circle around the tip.

Pointing the antenna straight up or forward risks pointing the end of the antenna directly at the model. I have noticed that folks either lean their transmitter forward or back and they do not seem to know they are doing it.

Don’t expect to be able to notice if your model loses the transmitter signal. If it is flying straight, it will continue to fly straight. But if you are doing a maneuver, it will manifest itself as a glitch.

Pointing the antenna at the ground is literally throwing away the strongest part of the signal. I do not recommend doing that either.

I point my antenna to the side because that seems like a reasonable compromise. I will never be pointing it straight at my model. There is good signal strength always reaching the model.

There is another very important reason why pointing the antenna to the side makes sense. I do not have to move it when I put my transmitter away! I have heard way too many reports of transmitter antennas breaking internally because they were flexed too many times. For most brands, you have to send in the transmitter to have it fixed. That can be a real bummer in the middle of the flying season.

I suppose that with the new fixed “diversity” transmitter antennas, this whole point is moot. But until we all upgrade our transmitters, just point it to the side.

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