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After four years of service to the community, I’m very proud to announce the relaunch of Why a relaunch? Well, there were two big reasons: the old server was very overloaded, and we just blew past 10,000 registered users!




Overloaded Server

For over four years RCadvisor was hosted on a so-called shared server. These shared servers are top of the line computers. That’s the good news. The problem was that my website had to share its server with about 1,500 other websites. Yikes!

The best part about shared web hosting is that it’s inexpensive–it only cost me about $10 a month. These shared accounts work best with websites that are not very popular. That was true of RCadvisor when it first launched, but it hasn’t been true for a long time now.

In fact, I noticed last summer that I was getting constant “CPU over usage” warnings from my hosting provider. What that meant was that the website was getting throttled back because they felt that it was too big of a load on their server. I clearly had to do something about it!

10,000 Registered Users

That’s right. Just a few days ago around the beginning of the year the number of registered users on blew past the 10,000 mark. This was such a huge milestone, I’ve been planning something big for it for a long time.

When I first founded (that is also the name of the company) four and a half years ago, the entire focus of the company was the calculator. Little did I know that I was going to become a well-known model airplane design expert by writing books, designing commercial UAVs, writing magazine articles, and by hosting a segment in a popular podcast.

I’ve been wanting to post articles and information on the website for a long time, but it really wasn’t set up for it. For example, getting the posting to look the way that I wanted was always an adventure. It also just wasn’t setup very well to handle pictures. It is now!

New Server

The amount of computing power available to me in the new server that the website is running on is orders of magnitude greater than what I had available before. I’ve timed the page loading times at ten times faster than it used to be–it doesn’t get much better than that!

I’ve load tested the server and confirmed that it can handle 200 user page requests per second. I see this server handling the website past 100,000 registered users and beyond.

How do you like the new website? Be sure and leave a comment to let me know!

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