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Here is a summary of my glue and hinging tape recommendations from the videos.




My two video reviews of joining glues, laminating glue sticks, and hinging tape were a bit long. Sorry about that! I just had a lot of glues to go over. Here is what they said in a nutshell:

Loctite Crafter’s Indoor-Safe Adhesive – Looks like a white toothpaste. Non-toxic. Reasonably priced. Reasonably fast drying. Great bond to foam and wood when fully dry and has some give.

Liquid Nails Small Projects Repair Adhesive – A great value, and reasonably non-toxic. Very similar to the Loctite Crafter’s glue. Used to be widely available, but not so much anymore.

Liquid Nails Perfect Glue – Sometimes referred to as “Perfect Glue #1“. My favorite glue for foam and wood joints. Looks like a thick gel. Does not run when applied. Initial set in 10 minutes. Flexible when dry. Easily cut or sanded when dry. Strong bond to foam and wood. Relatively non-toxic. Parts can be handled after 30-60 minutes. Available at Home Depot hardware stores.

Elmer’s Craft Bond Extra Strength Glue Stick – Large tube. Non-toxic. Deep blue color that is easy to see when initially applied. Great for foam-to-foam laminations. Update: Elmer’s has replace this product with a new one that still claims “goes on blue, dries clear”, but hardly has any color to begin with. It is still my recommended glue stick.

UHU Stic – Buy the large tube. Non-toxic. Deep purple color when wet. Great for foam-to-foam laminations.

3M Durapore Surgical Tape – Used to be widely available in pharmacies, but not so much anymore. Also called 3M Nexcare Durable Cloth tape. I use it for hinging control surfaces.

3M Medipore H Surgical Tape – Made out of thin cotton cloth. Instant strong grip on foam, paper, and wood. My current favorite hinging tape.

3M Blenderm Surgical Tape – Still a reasonable choice, just don’t spend too much on it.

Link to PDF from 3M summarizing their surgical tapes.

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